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Our Story

Growing up I always had an interest in creating things; starting with music, building projects, art and eventually progressing into photography/ graphic design. I took a leap of faith in 2009, saving up enough money to get my first low end professional camera and started to pick up some unpaid work at parties and nightclubs. As word spread my workload slowly increased and the transition into bigger jobs begun. My first big commercial job was 2013 and first professional wedding was 2014.

To keep up with the increasing pressure of bigger jobs I pushed myself to learn new things outside my comfort zone. I spent months working with multiple wedding photographers and people within the industries of social marketing, graphic design, web design to gain more knowledge of the industry. Still to date this process continues to help me keep ahead of them game.

I could never of imagined how life changing that decision of buying my first camera would turn out to be. Now due to demand and range of our jobs we have expanded our roster to add more photographers to help with specific jobs and cover secondary photography at weddings.

Our goal is to continue evolving and improving our skills while maintaining a friendly, personal approach to our work.